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Can Forex make you rich?

The quick answer the question is an emphatic YES!

Although there are some conditions that must be met, to become rich trading forex, you must first understand the inner workings of the market. Learning how the market works is not something that you can do independently, you need the help of professional traders. You can either invest your time and go one step at a time learning with free materials online, listen to the news for trading information and other useful market indicators.

Or you can trade forex as an investor (not a trader) by investing your funds with a reputable broker like The way it works is that you invest your funds with the broker with professional forex traders that will trade with your capital. When experts trade on your behalf, they will make about 25% to 110% profits for you monthly.

Excellent Pofessional Forex Traders with years of experience are capable of making monthly profits that exceed 100%. You also need strict discipline.

Discipline is required when you invest your money with a broker because in some cases they don't make money for you immediately. However, if you stick with them, they will eventually make you rich.