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Can Forex trading be a career?

Forex trading can be a career if you go about it the right way.

What is the right way to go about making Forex trading a career?

The fundamental thing that you must do is to decide what you want to achieveĀ trading Forex. In determining what you want, you have to be pragmatic. Put forward a very sensible and quantifiable objective ā€” plan to play the long game (long-term forex trading goal) rather than the monthly goal.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros:

  • Low barriers to entry (becoming a trader is easy).

  • MostĀ tradingĀ platforms you will use to execute trades are free.

  • Your broker provides the data feeds for live tick data for free.

  • The markets are open 24/7 Monday through Friday.

  • YouĀ can tradeĀ remotely so if you want the flexibility.

There are a lot more IĀ canĀ attach, but here are some cons:

  • You will only make aĀ careerĀ out of forex trading if you have an edge (itĀ is a zero-sum game).

  • A lot of big firms invest in forex and hire the brightest minds to trade on their behalf. That's your competition.

  • Learning the necessary skills takes time, but you will get it eventually.

Can Forex trading be a career