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Is Forex gambling?

I've heard some people say that Forex trading is like betting or gambling, but that's just ignorant. Professional Forex Traders base their tradings on real market analysis, and nothing is left to chance.  Trading on any marketplace is serious business that should be conducted seriously after adequate training and support from experts.

Surely, not everyone makes money trading Forex, but the question is, why do some traders make profits while others lose their investments?

The answer to this question is obvious -Expertise in understanding Price Behaviour and Market Movement!

The professional traders consistently focus on understanding Price Behaviour and the factors that move the Market. Forex is a volatile market, and the factors that drive the Price are not dependent on the economic conditions. Price progression in the main trends are the results of the market makers orders.

As a professional Forex Trader, I'm always in search of opportunities in the market with the strongest price range to make a trade. In other words, I use Supply and Demand Levels as reference points. Keep in mind that this is not always the case or a Trading Scenario. Therefore, you need to understand in great detail the Supply and Demand Levels.