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Should I learn Forex Trading?

You want to start making extra money trading on Forex, but you are wondering how hard is it to learn Forex trading? If you are really after a profit, you need to know whose loss can be turned into your profit.

There are three sources of profit :

1. Your fellow traders, specifically those who are less knowledgeable, less experienced, or naturally too slow on the draw, can be a source of profit for you. Of course, those other traders are out to make money, but many of them will also lose money.

2. Initial public offerings and companies issuing additional stock can provide you with an opportunity to cash in on the discrepancy between the IPO price of the stocks and the prices at which they will eventually settle. As a trader, your earnings will be well-deserved compensation for the risk you take on, but this level of risk can be reduced by using technical analysis.

3. Established companies, mutual funds, and other large financial organizations make big moves in the financial markets and can act as portfolio builders for investors and traders. In this case, a trader’s profit will act as compensation for the risks taken.